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Household Lavender Uses


Lavender truly is one of nature’s most versatile plants

An excellent herb renowned for its soothing and calming properties, lavender has a wide range of uses in and around the home. Lavender is a versatile plant, having been used throughout history in medicine, in the kitchen, and ornamentally. The plant itself is a beautiful addition to any landscape, filling the summer’s air with fragrance and a beautiful purple color.

Through the ages, lavender has been used to keep linen and clothing smelling fresh and clean, and today we can buy commercially prepared sachets to do the job for us. The dried flowers have historically been used in bath houses and spas to impart a lovely fragrance to patrons. They have been used in teas and cookies, and are now becoming more and more popular additions to savory recipes.

Lavender essential oil is extracted from various parts of the plant primarily through the process of steam distillation. An inexpensive yet useful item in any medicine chest, the oil is known to be safe to apply directly onto the skin to soothe without stinging. This oil is a potent healing agent for a wide range of minor ailments: cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites, wounds and stings that seem to be a natural part of daily life.
Lavender Bar Soap
Both the flowers and the oil can be used in the making of beauty products like soaps and shampoos, perfumes, as well as scenting sachets and potpourri. Lavender oil blends very well with other essential oils for the making of various products.

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