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Make Your Own Lavender Body Scrub


Historically, lavender has been one of the most widely used flowering plants through the ages. It was originally used as an antiseptic as well as a treatment for mental health conditions. Today, it is used in a range of beauty products and for aromatherapy purposes. It is also used to treat several health conditions in conjunction with other oils and can do wonders for anxiety, headaches, insomnia and depression among others.
Lavender Spa and Body Scrub
In this article, we focus our attention on the benefits of using lavender body scrubs and also a broad overview of the process of making the body scrubs. The main benefit in using a lavender body scrub lies in its excellent exfoliating properties which help to thoroughly cleanse and refresh the skin. The scrub penetrates deeper into the skin, cleansing and removing dead skin cells. It is very good for people with dry skin because it helps to stimulate blood circulation and the production of natural body oils to help produce new skin cells and healthy skin. It is also good for people with oily skin because the scrub cleans up clogged pores and blackheads which flourish in an oily environment.

Lavender body scrubs can also help to calm and soothe apart from helping to get rid of dead skin cells, oil and dirt. It is so much better for the body if you choose a lavender body scrub because of its all natural properties. There are many different types of lavender scrubs made from the more than 200 lavender species available. True lavender, lavender, and spike lavender are the more commonly used species for the scrubs, which include lavender body scrub with sugar, with oatmeal, with lemon and sea salt.

You will also find lavender body scrubs mixed with essential oils like citrus, almond, jojoba, olive oil and other ingredients added to the mix can include beeswax beads, butter, clay, milk and seaweed. The different body scrubs are made to suit various skin types and requirements.

We will now take a look at how to make a lavender body scrub.

Step 1 – Assemble the items you will need for the process


  • Dried lavender x 2 tablespoons
  • Sea salt x 2 cups (Epsom salt also works fine)
  • Olive oil x 1/2 cup
  • Sweet almond oil or jojoba oil x 1/2 cup
  • Lavender essential oil x 2 drops
  • Vitamin E x 1 tsp

Work materials

  • Bowls x 2
  • Spoon
  • Air tight container / glass jar
  • Towel
  • Food processor or mortar and pestle

Step 2: Method of preparation

You need to crush the dried lavender into a fine powder – to do so use an herb crusher, mortar and pestle or pulse a few times in your food processor.

In another bowl mix together the sea salt, oils (both) and vitamin E – the salt needs to be completely saturated with the oil. Set the bowl aside for approximately 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes are up, check to see if a thin layer of oil is floating on top with the salt at the bottom of the bowl. If you feel the need to add more salt, do so and again set aside to repeat this step.

Next add the crushed lavender powder and mix it well into the salt and oil mix; it should be thoroughly blended in.

Add the lavender essential oil just before you store the lavender body scrub or else the fragrance will be lost. Store the mix in your airtight jar and seal properly. It is best to use a jar with a wide mouth, so you can easily scoop out the amount you need.

Step 3: Application of the scrub

At the end of your bath or shower, apply the lavender scrub to damp skin, rubbing it in, in a circular motion over the skin; massage for about a minute and then rinse off with warm water. Pat your body dry with a towel and immediately apply an oil free lotion to the body.

Additional Comments and Tips

The species of dried lavender you have will affect the scent you achieve in the body scrub.  If you want a sweet, floral scent you can use true lavender or English lavender, and the aromatherapy properties will help to sooth, calm and relax the person.  Using spike lavender will give you a scent that combines lavender and eucalyptus, which works very well for mild skin irritations.

Once you familiarize yourself with this basic recipe, try a variation or two.

Replace the salt with sugar.  (Sugar dissolves more quickly than salt and is less abrasive, better for sensitive skin)

Add additional oils to create a whole new scent. (Vanilla, geranium, or lemon are all excellent pairings with lavender)

Add oatmeal or dried milk to soothe skin.

With a little experimentation you can create your very own signature scrub.  Keep it for yourself, give it as gifts to friends and family – or start your own line of homemade body products.  The possibilities are endless!

Because these scrubs contain all natural ingredients and no preservatives, it is best to store them in the refrigerator.

Nurturing and caring for your skin is important and a lavender body scrub gives a healthy glow to skin and the mood uplift is a bonus!

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