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Making Lavender Sachets and Sleep Pillows


Lavender retains its scent when dried which makes it a wonderful herb for putting into sachets and bags. The relaxing and restorative qualities also make the herb valuable when used in sleep pillows.
Dry the lavender by tying small groups of stems together and hanging them in a cool dark place for about 2 weeks. Snip the flower head from the stems and place stems and bloom in separate containers.
Small sachets and larger bags can be used in drawers to scent handkerchiefs and under garments, and they can be hung in closets to and among linen to give a pleasant scent.

To Make a Lavender sachet
Start by taking a 6”x8” scrap of fabric;
Fold the cloth lengthwise to make a 3”x8” and with right sides together, sew across the bottom and side;
Invert the bag so that it is right side out;
Fold the top 2” of the bag into down into the middle;
Place about a tablespoon of lavender flowers and leaves into the bag;
Secure the bag with a piece of ribbon at about 2” from the top. Note that the raw edge at the top of folded material should be below the neck of the bag that you tie with ribbon.
Lavender Bag
The little bags of lavender do not need even a needle and thread to make. This is a perfect craft for children to try as well.
Take a square of fabric or fine net/tulle about 6” square;
Place a teaspoon of lavender flowers into the center of the square;
Bring the corners and edges together and secure with a piece of ribbon.
Laundry Sachets
Sachets that are intended to be in the washer or dryer with you clothing need to be secured all the way round, but they do not need to be made from pretty fabric. A good muslin or simple cotton will work well. These can also be used in the bath tub for a relaxing bath.
Take a piece of fabric about 4”x 8”;
Fold the fabric to make a 4” square;
With right sides together, if needed, sew around the edge of the square leaving a one inch opening on one side;
Put a tablespoon or so of dried lavender leaves and blossom into the bag and secure the opening.
Toss the bag into the washer or just use in the dryer to lightly scent your linen.
Sleep Pillows
Sleep pillows have been helping people for generations, but made particular popular for a new generation by Jim Long who wrote a wonderful book on the topic. Lavender is used to help you relax which it is why it is particularly useful in sleep pillows. The herb is used along with other herbs such as hops and chamomile to help you sleep. There are many mixes to use and some that are reported to provide restful dreams as well.
The mixes are placed into a similar bag to the simple sachets but larger. The pillow is then placed under your regular bed pillow and within a few days you will be sleeping restfully. The pillow is also helpful on long plane trips where a good night’s sleep is very difficult.

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