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More Household Uses of Lavender


Lavender has been used around the home for far longer than it has been grown as an ornamental. The uses rotate around the properties of cleansing and as a repellent of both insects and disease. Some of the historic uses of the herb would not be acceptable today, but many are, and the scent is still as popular in the 21st century as it was 2500 years ago! Modern techniques even go as far as to create lavender ‘scent’ from chemicals to use in cheap shampoos and soaps.
Although using lavender as a traditional strewing herb on the floor is possibly messy, it is possible to place a few dried stems into the fire and infuse the air with lavender scent. Lavender has a calming effect as well as a pleasant odor. The stems can also be placed on the grill coals to infuse the scent into meat or vegetables, as well as the air around.

In a similar way, candles that are infused with lavender flowers will give off a scent to calm which is helpful at the end of a stressful day. You could also use the candles in the bathroom and burn them while you relax in a bathtub. Enhance the experience by using a lavender bath bag to scent the water as well.
Groups of lavender stems that are neatly tied with a ribbon can be used on night stands and hallway tables or hung over a mirror to add a little scent to a room. It can also be used in potpourris along with other herbs to give some gentle, cleansed air in the room.
Finger bowls with a few heads of lavender are also popular when you have sticky fingers around. The slightly stringent quality of the herb will help remove oily residue. This same property makes lavender soaps popular for both the bathroom and the laundry room.
Lavender filled bags have traditionally been placed in the linen closet to help keep the sheets smelling sweet, and in the clothes closet to stop insect destroying your clothing. Lavender bags of different sizes are also used to keep handkerchiefs tidy and in the same drawer as your night ware and under garments to give a slight perfume to those items.
More decorative bags are appropriate for gifts for celebrations such as christenings and birthdays. For these, use a satin or pretty material for the bags and place a flowering lavender sprig on the outside for decoration.
Other bags are used inside the pillow case to help you fall asleep quickly.
Lavender plants can also be made into simple topiaries in the same way as rosemary is. Usually two or three small plants are trained to form a hoop, heart or other decorative item. Place the wire into the pot at the same time as the plants, and gently tie the main stems onto the wire. Snip wayward stems and let the plant grow upwards. This takes a few weeks to establish so give yourself plenty of time if you are planning on making the topiaries for a special occasion.
Lavender has many uses around the home to decorate as well as to scent. Most of these uses are healthy and easy to make from just one or two lavender plants.

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