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Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Chocolate bar


Dagoba chocolate bars are some of the best, I think. Their chocolate is dark, rich, and super creamy, and they usually have very interesting flavor combinations.

It’s been a super rainy spring, and so today as it was pouring sheets outside, I was in the grocery store thinking about a treat to make my day brighter, since the weather wasn’t doing it. I discovered a new version of Dagoba: Lavender Blueberry, and chose that as my treat. This bar is 59% cacao, so it’s dark but not to the extreme. It has bits of blueberry and lavender in it, and was less than $3 at Whole Foods.

With the first bite, the creaminess of the chocolate was evident and what I remembered from Dagoba. It took a couple more little bites to even recognize a hint of anything akin to lavender. And really, the only thing I noticed was a hint of a floral scent. It didn’t really taste like lavender or blueberry at all. In fact, I found a bite which actually had visible bits of dried blueberry and that was the only time I could taste even a little blueberry.

So I have to say, I was a little disappointed. Perhaps the lavender and blueberry flavors were really too light to work effectively with a rich dark chocolate like this one.

I would not purchase this one again, I think there are other Dagoba chocolate bars that are better.

I saved a piece for my husband, though, and he claimed he could most definitely taste the lavender in the chocolate, so perhaps it’s just me?

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