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Lavender Limoncello


The recipe for limoncello is pretty straightforward, and adding lavender to the mix, really takes it up a notch!

To make lavender limoncello, you will need:

  • Organic lemons, 10-15 – preferably ones with smooth skins
  • Grain alcohol (or midrange vodka), 750ml
  • 2-4c organic (foodsafe) lavender buds, depending on how much lavender you’d like to taste in the final product
  • 1.5-2.5c sugar (375-625 grams), depending on your tastes
  • water, 750 ml
  • quart glass jar, with airtight lid
  • coffee filters, cheesecloth, or a jelly bag, really, any effective means of filtering will work
  • two pretty 750ml bottles for final product, also with airtight lids

  • Steps:

  • Wash the lemons thoroughly.
  • Zest or peel the lemons, making sure that NO part of the white pith remains on the peel. The pith will make your limoncello bitter. You want smooth skinned lemons to make peeling easier.
  • Place the lemon peel / zest inside the quart jar.
  • Place the lavender buds inside the quart jar.
  • Pour the grain alcohol or vodka over the peels and buds.
  • Close the lid tightly and give the jar a good shake.
  • Set in a cool dark place, and if you can remember, go shake the jar every few days. Leave in that cool, dark place at least one month.
  • Heat the 750ml water to boiling, then turn down to a simmer and add the sugar, stirring until dissolved. Let cool.
  • In a large nonreactive pot, stir the infused alcohol and syrup together, then filter using coffee filters (or several layers of cheesecloth), to remove the peels and buds. You may want to filter twice to ensure you get all the cloudy bits out.
  • Pour into your pretty bottles, and store in the freezer until you’re ready to consume (the alcohol assures it will not freeze). The limoncello taste becomes smoother with additional aging, so you can leave in the freezer as long as you want, it just gets better!
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