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Farm Feature: Blue Mountain Lavender


In Washington State’s Walla Walla Valley, with its plateau and plains climate, nothing grows better than lavender and grapes. The best wines are made from grapes that grow in rocky, sandy, and dry soil. Lavender is also happiest in light and rocky soil, making them the perfect companions for the Walla Walla Valley. Among vineyards, grain fields, and fine inns and bed and breakfasts, Blue Mountain Lavender Farm is closely nestled against their neighbors. Southeastern Washington is known for being dry and open, which is perfect for growing the best lavenders from all over the world.

Blue Mountain Lavender Farm grows 15 varieties of lavender, from the French varieties most famous for their reputation in Provence, to English varieties that give the best flavors for culinary uses. The rows of hearty yet elegant lavender plants seem like an image from a movie. During the summer, each rounded plant seems to be bursting with flowers, in shades everywhere from purple to white. The abundance of varieties present here make the Blue Mountain Lavender farm feel like an exotic and somehow calming home. The surrounding green fields of wheat and other grains make lovely borders for Blue Mountain Lavender Farm, creating a picturesque and calming atmosphere, enhanced by the soft note of lavender floating on the warm breezes.

Blue Mountain Lavender Farm produces a variety of handmade products using their lavender, and they carefully select the proper lavender varieties for each use. Their favorite culinary lavender is the English lavender called Sachet, and they sell carefully sifted and selected lavender ready to use in recipes from Lavender Lemon Pound Cake to Lavender Pesto or even salad dressings. They even have a few fun recipes to try on their website.. Lavender flavor can be good in either savory or sweet recipes, adding a delicate aroma and taste to complex or simple dishes.

Other items you will be tempted by from the boutique at Blue Mountain Lavender Farm include dried lavender bouquets, little dancing ladies filled with lavender for your sock drawer, and lavender clothes hangers, to protect your most precious clothes items from moths and keep them smelling sweet. Or if you’d prefer to make your own lavender products, whether they are soaps or eye pillows, Blue Mountain has dried lavender for all your needs, both for fragrance and culinary uses.

Lavender has been used for centuries and the many uses have been well documented. The health benefits of lavender are numerous, from aiding with rheumatism to vertigo, to bee stings. Most people know about the calming yet energizing powers of lavender and the scent of lavender. Bubble baths, hand crafted soaps and lotions, as well as essential oils are very popular lavender scented products, used to encourage relaxation and the release of tension. Lavender can make you feel revived and renewed as well as relaxed, which is what most of us need in our modern and hectic lives.

If you enjoy lavender already, be sure to try a lavender mocha latte or lavender pesto – the uses of lavender are as numerous as those of sage, thyme, or rosemary. Experiment and enjoy the many benefits of including a little lavender in your life. Blue Mountain Lavender Farm can help you to enjoy lavender at its very best.

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