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Farm Feature: Lavender Wind Farm


In Ebey’s Landing Historical National Reserve on Whidbey Island, WA, is a distinctive and productive little lavender farm called Lavender Wind Farm. Whidbey Island is in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountain range, leaving it windy and dry most of the year, with a sandy, rocky soil perfect for growing lavender. Lavender Wind Farm is open all year round for visitors, and they offer a unique and relaxing experience. Their Farm Store has an incredible selection of products ranging from lavender jams to bulk lavender buds. The beauty of Whidbey Island and the surroundings is only enhanced by the gorgeous blooms of purple flowers all through the summer and the winds carry the relaxing scent of growing lavender.

Lavender has been well documented as useful for a number of ailments all throughout history. Starting with the ancient Egyptians, lavender has been used for foot rubs, bee stings, headaches, bath and body products such as essential oils, soaps, and bath salts, as well as for culinary uses. You may have heard of lavender chocolates or even lavender hot chocolate, but did you know that lavender is one of the herbs in Herbes de Provence? Lavender can be used in a wide variety of savory and sweet recipes, and people who love lavender are trying new dishes all the time.

The folks at Lavender Wind Farms have been perfecting some recipes, such as their delicious lavender jam line. They also post recipes on their blog from time to time, such as Roasted Lavender and Sage Fried Potatoes. They sell honey made by the local bee keeper which uses their lavender to create a sweet and tantalizing flavor as well as a lot of bulk lavender buds specially sifted for culinary use. The online shop has an amazing variety of food and cooking products, as well as soaps and other bath and body products, and candles made with natural soy wax. They even have a pets section, where they sell their home grown catnip.

Whether you want bulk lavender for your own soap making, or you want to purchase some culinary grade lavender extract, Lavender Wind Farm makes high quality products with a lot of love. The farm itself is obviously well cared for and tended with heart. The many health benefits of using lavender, as well as its calming and reviving effect as an essential oil or fragrance, make lavender a great addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Luckily, you can order your fill from Lavender Wind Farm, and you know you’ll get the highest quality products made with premier quality lavender.

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