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Farm Feature: Oregon’s Mountainside Lavender Farm


At Mountainside Lavender, producing the highest quality lavender and lavender essential oil is the priority and their specialty. Every year they distill different varieties of lavender to create the most aromatic essential oils, for use in the products they produce and sell, as well as to sell directly. Mountainside Lavender is located in an area of Oregon known for its dry climate and rocky soil, both ideal for growing lavender. Lavender doesn’t like to sit in water, and enjoys a lot of sun, so for the growers at Mountainside Lavender, the location and climate couldn’t be better. The result is gorgeous lavender of the highest quality.

For many people, lavender is a favorite herb. Lavender comes from the same family as mints, sage, and rosemary, but most people do not realize that it is one of the herbs in Herbes de Provence blends. Lavender is probably best known for its calming properties when used in bath and body products. While there are a wide variety of bath products, from bath salts and bubble baths, to bar soaps and lotions, lavender enthusiasts tend to use lavender for much more than the bathroom. Lavender is good for keeping away insects, such as moths that may eat holes in your clothing or linens. Lavender sachets are helpful as eye pillows or in your sock drawer.

But the most exciting way to use lavender is definitely for culinary uses. Baking with lavender can add a unique flavor to muffins, cakes, and cookies. Most people use lavender sparingly when baking, and while the flavor is detectable it is not immediately identifiable if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Lavender is the mysterious secret herb to people who haven’t been initiated into the culinary lavender world. Of course, not every lavender is good for culinary uses – and there are over 200 varieties of lavender so it can be easy to go wrong – and the same is true of lavenders that are ideal for aromatic uses.

Mountainside Lavender can provide you with the best type of lavender for your desired use. During the summer months, Mountainside Lavender is open to the public for pick-your-own, a fun and relaxing way to collect some fresh lavender, which will then infuse your life with its perfume. The truth is, once you learn all the uses of lavender and how to incorporate it into your home and lifestyle, you will probably be hooked. Many people visit Mountainside Lavender year after year to get their fill. And of course, if you run out you can also send them an email and have some lavender products shipped to you at home – info (at) mountainsidelavender (dot) com

Enjoy the loveliness of lavender in full bloom, or enjoy a special delivery at home from Mountainside Lavender.

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