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Lavender in Your Coffee? Absolutely!


Most people who love lavender enjoy it in bath and body products, fragrances and essential oils, and even home cleaning products. The culinary uses of lavender are less popular, but more and more people are getting used to seeing lavender chocolate available in stores. The latest, and one of the most delicious uses of lavender is in beverages, namely hot beverages. Hot chocolate with a hint of lavender? Perfect for a cozy winter afternoon. Why not make it a mocha? Lavender flavored coffee is starting to gain popularity, and for many good reasons.

The flavor of lavender is similar to the fragrance. Lavender is delicate and soft, with a slight sweetness that is enhanced by the sweetness of chocolate, whether as hot chocolate or in a bar of chocolate. Lavender also seems to ask for a milky taste, and perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy lavender in coffee is to infuse milk with lavender and use that with an espresso.

Of course, some people may say that the calming properties of lavender are not what you want when you need a coffee pick-me-up. The truth is that you can be both calm and energized, and maybe a lavender coffee is just what you need to be both productive and relaxed. Maybe coffee makes you too jittery, and a bit of lavender will balance you out again. Staying awake but remaining calm may be the best way to get done what you need to accomplish.

Then again, not everyone drinks coffee just to stay awake. For many people, an afternoon coffee is an excuse for a nice break, a moment away from the rest of the world, and a bit of luxury to make you feel pampered. If you are someone who likes to treat yourself to a really good coffee, lavender coffee might be right up your alley.

Lavender flavored coffee is available online from a number of gourmet retailers. You can also find fabulous culinary-quality lavender for sale by small lavender farmers, if you are feeling adventurous and want to make your own lavender infused milk and coffee.

The delicate flavor of lavender pairs well with the strong flavor of espresso or regular drip coffee, no matter if you take milk and sugar or not. Whether you find a coffee that is already infused with the flavor of lavender, or you want to try to make your own lavender milk, a delicious cup of lavender coffee can make your day.

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  • David Caron June 17, 2016, 1:29 pm

    I recently had two cups of lavender latte coffee at a restaurant in Savannah, GA. It was wonderful. No bitterness. After trying one, had to have a second!

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