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Oregon Lavender Festival – July 14-15, 2012


This summer, plan to get away to Oregon for a weekend of relaxing lavender farms, festivities, art, and foods. The Oregon Lavender Festival is an annual tradition, allowing visitors to enjoy the bountiful and beautiful lavender fields at the height of summer. Lavender has long been known to encourage a feeling of calm and relaxation, and it is used in an incredible number of products, from bath soaps to chocolate. The smell and taste of lavender is a unique and gentle experience, and Oregon’s lavender farmers want to share it with you.

The Oregon Lavender Festival includes a map and destination information sheet about the farms that are open to the public. During the Festival, some of the lavender farms that are usually closed to the public open their doors and their fields for viewing. Some Festival attendees attempt to visit as many farms as possible, while others take the time to get to know just a few farms each year.

In addition to farm visits, the Oregon Lavender Festival has a strong tradition of including the arts. Before the festival weekend, there are opportunities for artists to create pieces and then enter them in one of two contests: the Oregon Lavender Photography Contest and the Lavender Paint Out.

During the weeks leading up to the Festival, plein air artists will attempt to capture the beauty and liveliness of the lavender in the region, to be shown and sold during the Festival weekend. Artists interested in participating can preregister for local home stays with residents. The art show takes place in Yamhill at Beulah Park.

The Oregon Lavender Photography Contest is an opportunity for photographers to visit the Festival Tour destination prior to the Festival in an effort to capture the perfect image of lavender. The many lavender varieties, cultivation methods, and surrounding sceneries make for a beautiful subject. Helvetia lavender farm hosts the display of the entries during the Festival weekend.

Lavender is a beautiful flower and plant that displays itself best during the summer months. When fields of lavender are in bloom, the countryside breaths in purples, whites, and greens. To celebrate the time of year when lavender changes the scenery with its colorful blooms, the Oregon Lavender Festival happens each year right when the viewing is best. After a weekend of lavender tasting, viewing, and smelling, Festival attendees and organizers are relaxed, refreshed, and full of the beauty of lavender.

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