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Reader Question: How many varieties of lavender are there and can I buy seeds for any of those from Burpee or another commercial seed company?


There are over 200 varieties of lavender, but not all of them can be grown with seeds. A large number of lavender varieties are only grown using cuttings, the portion of the lavenders called lavandins, which are hybrids and do not produce fertile seeds. The number of lavenders that are grown in the United States is probably high, but most people will not notice the difference between one lavender plant and another.

The most popular lavenders for culinary uses are English lavenders. The most popular for fragrance are French and Spanish lavenders. For many people, a lavender plant with white flowers is a fun and unique addition to their lavender collection, and for others the most important thing is that the seeds are organic. Burpee offers a selection of lavenders which fall into the most popular categories of lavender. Whether you want an English, French, Spanish, organic, white, purple, or blue lavender for your garden, you can find one with Burpee.

If you are looking for unique and specialized lavenders, you may need to grow one from a cutting or buy a plant from someone who grows lavenders from cuttings. Many people who grow rare or unique lavenders also sell immature plants to collectors or fans. You can find lists of small lavender farmers at www.lavenderfestival.com or www.oregonlavenderdestinations.com. If you are excited about growing lavender from seeds, buying some of the heartiest and most likely to grow varieties will probably be more successful than the rarer varieties.

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