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Reader Question: Is lavender considered poisonous to dogs and other animals?


Lavender plants are usually unattractive to animals. Deer will not eat your lavender the way they will eat your roses, and most insects avoid lavender, which is why it is used in sock drawers and with linens. The likelihood that your dog or cat will be interested in chewing on a lavender plant is pretty slim, but not impossible. Especially if you ever give your dog or cat treats that include lavender.

Lavender is one of the most popular edible flowers used in cat and dog treats. Lavender is sometimes combined with cat nip, which means that if your cat likes their lavender catnip treat, they might go after your lavender plants, too. Dogs will often chew on tall grasses and they may decide to go for lavender, too. However, the flavor is pretty strong and most dogs and cats will stay away from lavender plants on their own.

Lavender is safe for dogs and other animals, especially in the plant form. Just like for humans, dogs and cats shouldn’t consume lavender oil or lavender essential oil, as the concentration is high and not meant for human, or animal, consumption. A little bit of dried lavender in pet food or treats may not cause any harm, and it may help your pet to stay calm and collected. Dosing them with lavender oil is not recommended, and you should talk to your vet if you are concerned that a pet has taken an unhealthy liking to any of the plants in your garden. A little bit of lavender is probably fine, but lavender every day is probably not healthy for anyone.

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  • David phillians October 17, 2017, 5:10 pm

    Is lavender oil used to sooth dog paw chewing harmful?

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