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Reader Question: What are the uses of lavender leaves?


Dot from NC writes: What are some uses of lavender leaves?

Lavender is a very versatile plant, with many aromatic, culinary, and home uses. But, most people still focus on just the buds.

You can actually use fresh leaves similarly to how you would use rosemary. Although the taste is going to be even stronger than rosemary, so less is more, if you choose to put the leaves into a recipe. Start with a very small amount and add more as you taste, to ensure you don’t ruin your dish! And of course, make sure the lavender you’re using is safe for cooking. Another cool idea, though this is with stems, is to use them as kebab skewers when you grill. Such a neat way to infuse meats and vegetables with a light taste of lavender.

My favorite way to use lavender leaves, though, is to dry them and put them in sachets. As I dry lavender, I leave it on the stem and so sometimes leaves get mixed in with the buds, or I will snip the stems with leaves and dry those on their own. The leaves have the same scent as the buds, just stronger – which is nice for closets and dressers.

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  • Daisy Villa November 5, 2014, 7:33 pm

    What are the benefits of lavender leaves and flowers for the haie and scalp! I do mot want to know about lavender oil.

    Thank you!

    Daisy Villa

    • buzz_wpa July 29, 2015, 10:06 pm

      Lavender leaves and flowers are usually used in sachets (closets, wardrobe drawers and pillows) and the oil is most commonly used in hair and skin products. You could make a soap for hair and scalp and include bits of flowers and leaves in that, but it’s really the oil that is being extracted from those leaves and flowers that’s going to bring you the benefit of lavender. The soap would be very pretty though, with those bits included.

  • Dr G B Robinson October 14, 2016, 7:08 pm

    I have 3ft high lavender plants, but no buds after the 1st bloom. I want to use the leaves to make an infused oil that I can use in alcohol mixtures to spray linen.
    What is the best procedure to harvest the plants and get the infused oil please ..??

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