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Reader Question: Where can I go to purchase fresh lavender?


If you are a lavender enthusiast, nothing compares to the smell and sight of lavender fields in bloom. While you may be able to find fresh bunches of lavender at some florists, or if you are lucky you know someone who has lavender plants growing in their garden. But for fresh lavender your best options are to go to family run lavender farms. In Washington State and Oregon, some of the best conditions exist for growing lavender. The central and eastern parts of both states are high prairie that experience very little rain, a fair amount of sun and wind, and the soil is rocky and volcanic.

For lists of the lavender farms in each state, you can visit www.lavenderfestival.com and www.oregonlavenderdestinations.com. Both states hold annual lavender festivals during which you can visit farms that are open to the public as well as farms that are usually closed to the public. During the summer months, the fields of lavender are blooming, and many lavender farms have pick your own facilities so you can pick a bunch of fresh lavender for yourself.

If going to the farms is too much, you can also purchase fresh lavender from some lavender farms online. Many online shops only offer dried lavender, because it travels much better than fresh lavender. However, it is possible to buy fresh lavender online as well. Of course, going to lavender farms in person is an incredible experience, especially in the summer when the lavender plants are all in bloom. The breezes carry the smell of lavender and all around are the purple, blue, and white bursts of flowers.

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