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Farm Feature: Hood River Lavender – A Wealth of Knowledge and the Best Organic Lavender Available


Hood River Lavender is dedicated to producing and selling the purest and most fragrant lavender and lavender products possible. On the south slope of the Hood River Gorge, the soil is volcanic, meaning drainage is good and the soil is fertile and full of minerals. The area is largely dry and the sun shines often enough to keep the lavender plants happy and bursting with blooms every summer. Hood River Lavender produces at three separate farms, one of which has pick your own organic lavender fields and the Lavender Shoppe, where their products are sold all year round.

Lavender is used for an incredibly variety of products. Hood River Lavender steam distills their own organic lavender oil in copper stills that ensure the purest and cleanest lavender oil possible. It is this oil that is used in all of their bath and body products, and it can also be purchased for aromatherapy or other uses. Hood River Lavender also produces a variety of English lavenders, which are better for culinary uses as they do not contain camphor. In fact, Hood River Lavender is clearly enthusiastic about baking with organic lavender – the website features an extensive list of recipes for everything from making your own lavender butter to a Lavender Mojito Recipe.

Hood River Lavender has a selection of adorable stuffed animals, bears and dogs, that have lavender in them and produce a sense of calm and make everything smell fragrant and fresh. The wide variety of gifts and products available on the online store give you an idea of what can be found at the Shoppe, one of the most extensive collections of lavender products to be found in one place.

Whether you want to experience the beauty of lavender plants in summer, their blooms in shades from deep dark purple to purest white, and everything in between, or if you just want to stop in and see the Shoppe for yourself, Hood River Lavender offers it all. The snow topped peak in the background sets the scene for a lovely experience, and the almost constant breezes coming off the river blow the fresh and relaxing scent of lavender to you as you arrive.

All in all, Hood River Lavender has perfected the art of producing organic lavender and organic lavender products that are of the highest quality and purity possible. The plants are even watered with the mineral rich, glacial water of the Hood River. And because the farm is entirely organic, they are doing their part in ensuring that the waters of the Hood River stay clean and free of pesticides and herbicides. For organic lavender products, Hood River Lavender really does offer everything you could ever want or need for lavender lovers of all kinds.

Dale and Kailai Harris, owners of Lavender Valley Farm in Hood River Oregon, are part of a growing number of Pacific Northwest Lavender growers that are changing both their communities and the lavender market one plant at a time. In 1995, before becoming farm owners, Dale happened upon a sight so beautiful that he were drawn in and never looked back. This first encounter with a lavender field awash in purple as far as their eyes could see would become a pivotal life moment that they would never forget. Fast-forward over fifteen years to their own thriving lavender fields stretching to the horizon and it is easy to see why Dale and Kailai have fallen in love with lavender.
What began as a dream is now a lush and wonder-filled 21-acre reality in beautiful Oregon. Dale and Kailai are part of a local growers association, the Oregon Lavender Association, and they credit much of their success to the cooperative relationships they have built with other farms and lavender lovers. While the duo has a loyal following of locals that purchase their products on a regular basis, most of their lavender products are sold throughout the United States and Asia. They have a large contract with EVA Air, a large Asian airline, and have been featured on TV in Taiwan and China as well as in a travel magazine in Japan, so their international reach is definitely a large contributor to their continued farming success as well.
Dale and Kailai would love to see more and more Oregon-based lavender farms joining the Oregon Lavender Association in the years to come. As education is key in helping people understand the many benefits of using lavender essential oil, they also hope to continue being able to network with their customers to spread the word about their life passion: lavender.

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