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Farm Feature: Pelindaba Lavender Farm


Located on the beautiful San Juan Islands, the Pelindaba Lavender farm is one of the most whimsical and beautiful lavender farms in the Pacific Northwest. Boasting expansive fields of lavender, the farm distills oil from their own plants on site themselves. This allows them to maintain the highest level of quality from the beginning seed to the finished products that they sell.

Since the farm distills its own oil, they are able to quickly and efficiently use that fresh oil to create a variety of products that are both aroma and culinary based. From massage oils to soaps to wreaths to chocolates, there is undoubtedly something for everyone at Pelindaba.

The owner originally began cultivating the ground at the farm in 1998 as a means of preserving the land and maintaining its natural beauty. Over time, that vision quickly grew to include a desire to share the beauty of the land with locals and visitors alike : thus began Pelindaba Lavender Farm as it is known today. The name Pelindaba comes from South African Zulu culture, and means “place of great gatherings.” The farm has truly lived up to that phrase in recent years.

The farm now serves as an educational center, a retail outlet for lavender products, and a place for people to come and relax as they enjoy the beauty and aroma of the lavender plants. When asked about their visitor’s experiences at the farm, the owners answered by saying,

“We continue to hear from visitors and customers how many of the uses to which we put our lavender blows them away. Creative obviously depends on who is judging, but it is great to hear that they enjoy what we do here.”

Additionally, the owners would love to see more people becoming aware of how potent a lavender plant it is and to realize just how many products can be made from it. Those products can, in their words, offer healthier solutions to regular household challenges, which is something that everyone could use a little more of.

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