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Garden Update May 2018


lavender in my garden

Earlier this year, I trimmed back everything in my herb garden, including my three English lavender plants. I am normally a relatively hands-off herb gardener, preferring the English cottage sort of chaos and riot. But this winter, I realized that my rosemary was really crowding out its neighboring lavender plant, and I had had enough. So I started trimming the rosemary, and then just got carried away with all the herbs.

English lavender just about to bloom

The lavender needed a haircut and it looks so much better now. I trimmed away the dead-looking wood from each plant, and all of the previous stalks. The stalks are taller now, and the entire plant is greener – it honestly looks like a younger version of itself.

I don’t know that I will trim my lavender plants each year, but I think I will have to keep my eye on the rosemary, it tends to reach horizontally and push itself into its neighbors. Doesn’t seem too polite!

Do you trim your lavender plants?

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